Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism publishes recommendations

Poliglotti4.euThe EU Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism (CSPM), of which CMFE is one of the 29 members, has published its policy recommendations to the European Commission, member states and regional authorities, stating that education and public services must go multilingual to boost Europe’s language skills, sustain Europe’s economies and cater for increasingly diverse societies:

Attention should also be paid to the media and the way in which they reflect the linguistic and cultural needs of minorities, and groups of a different background, especially migrants. Usually there is little reference to these needs and the media tends to show that communication “happens” smoothly, without linguistic or cultural barriers. In reality successful direct communication among people who speak different languages is not possible, unless there is someone who translates or interprets. Furthermore, media should show the real cultural diversity of the territory they cover, instead of showing a monolingual and/or mono-cultural situation more typical of past times and that has nothing to do with reality.”

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