CMFE becomes Associate Member of the DRM Consortium

DRMCMFE has joined as Associate Member the Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium. The Consortium’s Aim and Objective is to make DRM standard not only respected and accepted but also widely known (with all its features) and taken on board at regional, national and international level. It is is an international not-for-profit organisation composed of broadcasters, network providers, transmitter and receiver manufacturers, universities, broadcasting unions and research Institutes.

CMFE sees this as an important step to support a broadcasting digitalization technology, which could facilitate community media to join the digital broadcasting era. – said Pieter de Wit, President of CMFE – In a lot of countries all around Europe and the world existing radio digitalization technologies, as DAB, DAB+ or HD-radio, tend to neglect the specific demands of the existing and still fast growing community media sector. DRM+, a development by the DRM consortium, is still in an trial phase but is promising in combining affordable digital technology and adequate coverage, also of smaller areas with spectrum efficiency and a relatively smooth transition process.”

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