Growing Interest in European Community Media

The “European Media Policy” newsletter (No.1/2007) by Nordicom reports about growing interest in Community Media by the European institutions and mentions the importance of the Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) in this process.

Lately, European institutions have shown a growing interest in non profit-making media serving local communities.

Recently the European Parliament commissioned a comprehensive survey of non-commercial local radio and television in all EU Member States. There are approximately 3500 such stations in the Union. The study will include an analysis of social, regulatory and financial aspects of these media.

The Council of Europe, too, seems to be increasingly aware of the importance of community media. In a Recommendation on media pluralism and the diversity of media content– adopted in January 2007 – the Committee of Ministers emphasize the importance not only of public service media in this context. Member States should also “encourage the development of other media capable of making a contribution to pluralism and diversity …These media could, for example, take the form of community, local, minority and social media”.

The Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) was established in Brussels in November 2006 to provide a platform for dialogue and discussions with the EU institutions and the Council of Europe and has been a key player in increasing the profile for community media in Europe.

The aim of the organisation is to obtain recognition of community media as the third audiovisual sector alongside public service and private commercial broadcaster and be involved in consultation and decision making processes in policy issues related to this sector.